Why rely on EasyBuy Tuscany in a few points?

Single point of contact

A single point of contact for the purchase and renovation of your property in tuscany. We will be your lead in situ during each stage

Carity and Transparency

Clear and real quotes. Bill of quantities and detailed financial assessments.
Prior planning of the work. Timing and deadlines will no longer be a taboo subject
scheduled payments

Constant Updates

Ongoing updates. We will keep you updated on the status of the work via detailed emails. Photographic updates. Photographs will inform you on the actual work progress.

What is a carefree-home solution?

CAREFREE-HOME is a service which guides and assists you through all the stages of purchasing and renovating a property, allowing you the possibility of understanding the scale of expenditure for restructuring when selecting your Tuscan home from the beginning.


Services – EasyBuy Tuscany

“Ironically it was easier to renovate our house in Tuscany rather that the London apartment only two blocks away from our present home!”. David & Carol.

All of our efforts to simplify and make the purchase and renovation possible for your house in Tuscany are contained within these few words.  Our client has described the EasyBuy Tuscany service in one sentence.

The EasyBuy Tuscany team will follow all the stages of your proposed purchase and renovation of a property in Tuscany.

What we do

What our Clients Say

Working alongside EasyBuy Tuscany I have found that they immediately inspire confidence not only with their professionalism and efficiency but also because they go the extra mile for their clients ensuring 100% satisfaction with their services.- MONICA (London and Tuscany)
You dudes do really top notch work! It’s very comforting to be 4,000 miles away from a project this big and feel comfortable that all will go well! I love all of you!!- CHRISTINE (Ohio - U.S.)
We can again thank you for the work to date. As you know, we are very pleased with what we have seen- Susan and Steve (Leeds)
Completed Project
EasyBuy Team