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About us

EasyBuy Tuscany is a new project focused on the goal of simplifying the experience for those who wish to purchase and renovate properties in Tuscany

EasyBuy Tuscany,a new brand by Paggetti Casa Sas, a Construction company since 1880, is the brainchild of Gianluca Paggetti, himself partner of Paggetti Casa and real estate agent, to merge these two activities to ensure and offer it’s clients a 360° service.

The experience of working with foreign clients has made us realize the need to create this new brand because we understand how essential it is for people who may not have direct command of the situation to confront and rely on a single partner.

Our philosophy is to simplify and guide the client through the complex world of real estate and construction!



“CAREFREE- HOME” solution means having a single point of contact who will accompany you from choosing the property to be purchased in Tuscany right through to the restructuring project, from execution of the work to choosing the materials and from technical advice to property management.

Do the visits to houses on sale in Tuscany have a cost?

There are no costs.  Both the selection of and visits to the properties are free of charge.

Are there plumbers, carpenters and electricians in your company?

YES, absolutely!  Technicians and workers (engineers, surveyors, architects, electricians, heating technicians, plumbers, carpenters, painters and decorators, plasterers, builders, tilers…, etc..) are all part of our team.


The houses that we propose are based on your needs and are only selected according to your budget.  We will only offer properties in Tuscany that are within your budget, including renovation and building interventions.


Property management is the service that we offer once the work is completed.  The tasks of a property manager aim to optimize the management of the building through: 1. Monitoring the working function of all the systems. 2. Constant contact with the property users for each timely intervention. 3. Checking reported problems and faults. 4. Coordination of all the workers who carry out specific tasks within your Tuscan property (eg. Housekeeper, gardener etc.). 5. Planning of any proposed interventions to the owners with analysis and costs. 6. Payment of utilities, taxes and workers.

What is the TIMEFRAME FOR BUYING a house in Tuscany?

With a normal deal the technical times are quite fast, approximately a couple of months.  It is obvious that both the needs of the seller and the purchaser must be taken into account when talking about timeframes.